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A comparison of the gun laws and incidences of firearm homicides in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and the United States shows that Americas permissive gun laws are responsible for the high incidences of gun violence in public places such as college campuses. Therefore, a strict regulation of the acquisition, possession and transfer of firearms is necessary address the issue of gun violence on U.S college campuses. Japan has the most restrictive gun laws in comparison to other three countries. The success of such restrictions is evident by the fact that Japan has the lowest firearm homicides rate in comparison to the U.K, Canada and U.S. The unique aspect of Japanese firearm laws is the prohibition of the private sale and transfer of firearms. This practice is legal in the U.K, Canada and America. The restriction of the sale and transfer of private guns in America would compel every American civilian intending to own a firearm to seek the approval of a regulating body. Therefore, students would need genuine reasons to possess guns. Although the firearm homicides rate in the U.K is higher in comparison to the rate in Japan, U.K has a lower firearm homicides rate in comparison to Canada and America. The U.K and Japan have a similar law used to restrict the misuse of firearms. This law concerns the requirement of the existence of an official register with details of the acquisition, possession and transfer of private guns. The law makes it easy for the law enforcement officers to establish the individuals in possession of particular firearms. On the other hand, in Canada, the requirement for the existence an official register of private guns only covers prohibited and restricted firearms. Similarly, the U.S gun laws do not require the existence of an official register of private guns. Canada and the U.S have higher firearm homicide rates in comparison to Japan and the United Kingdom. The United States need to develop and maintain an up-to-date official register of private gun ownership to control firearm misuse as evident by the cases of Japan and the U.K. Another important consideration in the review of the current gun laws in the U.S concerns the restriction of the type of firearms that civilians can possess. The current gun laws allow civilians to possess semi-automatic assault firearm and handguns without a license in most jurisdictions. Civilians can also acquire automatic firearms, rifles and shotguns with proper licensing. A significant number of the cases of high school and college shootings in the U.S have involved semi-automatic handguns. A significant number of these guns were legal purchases. On the other hand, in Japan, civilian cannot possess automatic and semi-automatic firearms and handguns. Restricting civilian access to particular categories of firearms is another crucial consideration in the review of Americas gun laws. Handguns and revolvers are some of the easiest weapons to conceal and carry into gun free zones. Another consideration in the review of Americas gun laws concerns the vetting of the private gun owners. The lack of the obligation that individuals seek licenses to possess particular categories of weapons means that private gun owners in American are not subject to screening before they acquire firearms. Therefore, a significant number of civilians without a sound mental health and a clean history of crime and drug addiction acquire firearms in the U.S. A significant number of the perpetrators of gun violence in American schools in the last couple of years are individuals who had mental health issues and or a history of drug addiction.

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