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Civilians in Japan require a license to possess firearms. The Japanese laws on gun ownership prohibit civilians from possessing automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Furthermore, the private possession of handguns is illegal in Japan except in the case of certified sports shooters. A Japanese civilian must fulfill several requirements to acquire a firearm license. First, the applicant must have a genuine reason for possessing a firearm. Secondly, the applicant must be of sound mental health with a clean criminal record and no history of drug addiction. Firearm owners in Japan must renew their licenses every three years. The application involves reapplication and requalification as per the current Japanese firearm licensing laws. Licensed gun owners in Japan can possess any quantity of ammunition. The Japanese laws prohibit the licensees from carrying firearms in open in public. However, licensed holders can carry concealed firearms if they have a valid permit. The Japanese gun laws prohibit the private sale and transfer of guns. The laws require the existence of an official register with details of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each firearm held privately. The strict Japanese gun laws have allowed the country to keep its firearm homicides at the lowest level in comparison to the U.K, Canada and U.S. According to the GunPolicy.org, the total number of licit and illicit guns owned by civilians in Japan is about 710,000 guns. About 271, 000 civilians in Japan have valid firearm licenses. Japan had about 17 firearm homicides in 2012. This number represents a firearm homicide rate of 0.01 per 100,000 persons. The country had about 1000 homicides in 2012.

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