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The U.K laws, unlike in the U.S, do not guarantee the right of ownership of firearms by civilians. A Firearm Certificate is mandatory for a person to possess a firearm in the U.K. The applicant for a U.K firearm certificate must fulfill several requirements. First, the individual must have a satisfactory reason necessitating his possession of a firearm. Secondly, the applicant must declare all criminal convictions and provide supporting references. Furthermore, the applicant must be of good mental health with no history of drug addiction. A person who has served a sentence exceeding three years in prison cannot qualify for a firearm certificate in the U.K. On the other hand, a person who has committed a misdemeanor cannot possess a firearm for five years. The U.K laws prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic firearms. Furthermore, the laws prohibit the carrying of guns in public places. These prohibitions apply for both the open and concealed carrying. Firearm owners in the U.K must renew their licenses every five years. The renewal involves reapplication and requalification as per the licensing terms and conditions. The private sale and transfer of guns in the U.K is legal. The law compels the existence of an official register containing the details of the acquisition, possession and transfer of private firearms. Firearm owners in the U.K can only possess an approved quantity of ammunition. The strict firearm laws in the U.K have reduced the number of firearms in civilian hands and incidences of gun violence, especially in public. The U.K has a lower firearm homicides rate in comparison the U.S and Canada. According to GunPolicy.org, the total number of firearms, both licensed and illegal, held by civilians in the U.K is about 4 million. The rate of gun possession per 100 civilians is about 6.7. About 840,000 civilians in the U.K are licensed firearm owners. The rate of licensed firearm ownership is about 1.34 per 100 civilians. The total number of firearm homicides in the U.K was about 12 people in 2012. The total number of homicides in the country through all means was about 653 persons in 2012. The rate of firearm homicides in the U.K in 2013 was about 0.04 per 100,000 persons.

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