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The possession of a firearm in Canada requires a license. Therefore, unlike in the U.S, the Canadian laws do not give citizens the right to possess firearms. The applicant of a firearm license must have a clean criminal record with no history of drug addiction and domestic violence. Secondly, the applicant must provide a genuine reason for applying for a license to own restricted and prohibited firearms. The prohibited and restricted firearms in Canada include automatic guns, rifles and shotguns. However, an applicant does not need to provide a genuine reason for applying for a firearm license if he or she intends to own unrestricted firearms such as semi-automatic firearms and handguns. Licensed firearm owners in Canada can possess any quantity of ammunition. Canadian firearm owners must renew their licenses every five years. All licensees must reapply and qualify as per the Canadian firearm licensing laws. Canada has less restrictive gun carrying laws in comparison to the United Kingdom. The Canadian laws allow concealed firearm carrying in public as long as the licensee has a permit. The private sale and transfer of guns in Canada is legal. The Canadian law only requires an official register of the acquisition, possession and transfer of the prohibited and restricted firearms held privately. The Canadian gun laws have helped in regulating the number guns held by civilians. According to GunPolicy.org, there are about 9.9 million guns held by civilians in Canada. This number includes both the legal and illegal guns. The number of licensed gun owners in Canada is about 2.02 million people. The total number of firearm homicides in Canada was about 156 homicides in 2014. This number represents a gun homicide rate of about 0.45 per 100,000 persons.

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