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Writing a Rogerian Essay

The purpose of a Rogerian argument is to find a middle ground for both the writer and reader. The assumption for a Rogerian argument is that the reader and writer can reach common ground regarding a problem and identify a solution to the problem.

The introduction of a Rogerian essay

In the introduction, the writer presents the problem and points out how it affects both the writer and reader. The thesis does not introduce the writer’s position or offer a stance that divides the writer and reader. A good thesis in a Rogerian essay should not seem to attack the reader or any person with an opposing view. In summary, the introduction should present a problem and show that the writer understands the opponent’s stance.

The Opposition (Rogerian essay approach)

The next step in a Rogerian essay is to state the context in which the view of the opponent (reader) is valid. The writer should describe fairly, using neutral language and accurate information, the reader’s stance regarding the problem. The chief purpose of discussing the reader’s point of view is to convince the opponent to make a compromise. The description of the opponent’s view should demonstrate the reader’s sincerity and good will. Acknowledging the context and circumstances in which the opponent’s position is valid is a vital element of writing a Rogerian essay.

Writer’s View (Rogerian essay approach)

The next section of the Rogerian essay contains the writer’s position on the problem. The presentation should be clear, neutral and fair-minded while providing relevant information that will ultimately convince the reader (opponent) to move towards a compromise. The description of the context and circumstances in which the writer’s position is valid is crucial element of this section.

The Rogerian essay closing

The writer should close the Rogerian essay by demonstrating the benefits the reader (opponent) would incur by moving towards the writer’s position. The key objective in the closing section is to make statement showing how the opposing positions complement each other. The writer should present ways to compromise the different stances on the problem and solutions that would benefit the reader and writer.

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