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Death Rituals in Spain

Funerals in Spain occur quickly, mostly within 24 hours, once a person dies. Spanish customs and norms require the family of the deceased to stay with him or her from the time of death to burial. The main objective of the practice is to ensure that the deceased person has companions receives appropriate treatment. The awake, a social event in which the deceased’s family members share good moments, laugh, enjoy the company of one another, play cards and enjoy foods and drinks, commences alongside the funeral preparations. Spaniards bury the deceased in a wall unlike most communities that bury the deceased in the ground. The family of the deceased pays annual charges to town hall for the maintenance of the burial site. The remains of a dead person are subject to removal from the wall and burial in a communal grave if the concerned parties abscond from payment or the deceased no longer has any family.

The greatest percentages of Spaniards are Catholics. Spanish burial rituals incorporate various aspects of Catholicism including reciting of the Rosary. A priest presides over the burial ceremony and performs the final rites. A clergyman presides over the funeral ceremony for the non-Catholics. Spaniards belief in life after death is evident by the practice of placing personal items alongside the deceased’s body to ensure that he or she is comfortable in the afterlife. Spaniards believe that the deceased family members deserve love and care. The relatives and friends of a deceased person often visit the gravesite and tend to them to demonstrate their love for the deceased. Family members ensure that the deceased’s grave remains clean and often change the flowers at the gravesite.

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