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Real Life Hannibal Lecters

The movie, ’Real Life Hannibal Lecters’, depicts the actions of a serial killer called Hannibal Lecter. The fictional character brings into light the gruesome acts committed by renowned serial killers such as Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne, Albert Fish and Ted Bunny who chose targets that they considered attractive and left a trail of terror in numerous states by employing intelligent and cunning methods to win the trust of their victims. The movie vividly depicts the terrifying image of Hannibal, which includes maroon-colored eyes, the presence of metallic rasp in his voice and his animalistic abilities to detect aspects such as the smell of a perfume. In the movie, Hannibal’s eyes reflect light as red pinpoints, which is a capability used to depict dominion over his victims. Hannibal grows up in an aristocratic family and becomes a respectable middle-aged man with a career in psychiatrics before turning into a serial killer. An analysis of Hannibal’s background highlights the influence of the activities of a Mexican doctor who committed murder and stuffed the remains of his alleged victim in a tiny box. As the main character in the movie, Hannibal portrays the common habits and tendencies of serial killers as evident by many reports on personality disorders and behavioral science, which psychologists and criminal experts attribute to the evasiveness and meticulous planning of serial killers. The movie plays a key role in inducing the viewer to acknowledge the fact that the perpetrators of the gruesome crimes reported on T.V, radio and other news sources are individuals who lead ordinary lifestyles and walk on our streets every day. The movie shows that in the event professionals turn into criminals, the extent of the damage is great due to widely held perceptions about the supposed backgrounds and occupation of criminals.

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