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Speech Writing Help Online

Speeches, just like essays, have an introduction, body and conclusion. The main difference between speeches and essays is that we write the later for the audience to read. On the other hand, we write speeches for the audience to hear. Therefore, make sure to write your speech in a way that will command and maintain the attention of the target audience. Attention-grabbing anecdotes and relevant examples help to color, dramatize and make your speech memorable. Your speech should paint a clear mental image. There are different types of speeches. Students should always check their speech assignment instructions or consult with the instructor to determine the type of speech to write.

Informative Speech Writing

The purpose of an informative speech is to inform the audience about a topic, event or field of knowledge. Examples of informative speech topics include the effects of social media on students’ concentration, the Civil Rights Movement and early childhood education programs and improvement of individuals’ cognitive abilities.

Instructional Speech Writing

The purpose of an instructional speech is to provide information about how to do something or perform a task. Examples of instructional speech topics include how to improve your essay writing skills, how to avoid plagiarism and how to score high marks in college writing assignments.

Persuasive Speech Writing

The purpose of a persuasive speech is to convince the audience to take a stance on an issue, topic or subject. Examples of persuasive speech topics include abstinence is the most effective safeguard against STIs, studying in developed countries has significant life-enhancing effects and how professional homework help services benefit students.

Entertainment Speech Writing

The purpose of an entertaining speech is to amuse the audience. Examples of entertainment speech topics include life is like video game and potatoes can predict the future.

Special Occasion Speech Writing

A special occasion speech can be any of the speech types above. It can be persuasive, informative or entertaining. A special occasion speech can be a graduation speech, campaign speech or anniversary speech.

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