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How to write a Speech (Introduction)

The introduction of your speech should begin with an attention-grabber. For example, "How long would we last in a world without water?" "Imagine a world where wars are fought over water and not oil." A statement about your topic should follow the attention-grabber. For example, "while it is hard for us to imagine living in a world without water, we are heading towards that direction unless each one of us takes responsibility for water conservation." The last sentence in the introductory paragraph of your speech should state the purpose of the speech and provide a transition to the body section of your speech. For example, "Today, I will speak about water mismanagement as precursor to the greatest human catastrophe ever witnessed."

How to write a Speech (Body)

The body of your speech should present interesting facts about the subject(s) introduced in opening paragraph. You can organize your introduction in a chronological (order of events), spatial (overview of physical arrangement), topical (one subject at a time) or causal (cause and effect) order depending on your topic.

How to Write a Speech (Conclusion)

The conclusion should restate the main points in your speech. It should end in a colorful language, which encompasses the entire speech. For example, "Today, I may appear paranoid to most of you." "The facts I have laid out here will become apparent in the near future." "Today, we are fighting for oil." "Tomorrow it will be blood for water."

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