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The Qin Dynasty and Han dynasty

The Qin Dynasty was a powerful entity that rule China. Its leader, Shih Huang, employed the autocratic system of governance. The economy of China improved significantly under Shih Huang’s leadership due to the implementation of effective systems and restoration of development projects such as canal and irrigation systems. Shih Huang promoted the adoption of policies such as standardized measurement systems and coinage to improve commerce. The extensive infrastructural development during the Qin Dynasty promoted trade and security of the people by enabling the mobility of traders and soldiers respectively. The ruler of the Qin Dynasty revised land policies and ensured equitable distribution of land to peasants. The emperor embarked on reforms that sought to create units of governance whose rulers possessed limited powers. Shih was highly intolerant of dissident philosophies and Confucianism views despite his unrivaled achievement of economical and political reforms. Opposition to the emperor’s bureaucratic system of governance in favor of a federal structure promoted in Confucianism prompted Shih to order the destruction of all works of philosophy that opposed his leadership style. The emperor executed a large number of rebellious scholars who were the custodians of philosophical works.

Revolts and Wars after the death of the Qin emperor led to the rise of the Han Dynasty. Liu Pang, the ruler of Han Dynasty, was effective in addressing the causes of civil strife and tax burdens caused by the Qin emperor. Liu Pang promoted the productive policies established during the Qin dynasty such as redistribution of land. The ruler of Han Dynasty eliminated the non-hereditary system of governors and reverted to ruling using royal families. Liu restored the influence of Confucianism views in courts, rituals and traditions, which eventually led to the adoption of the Confucianism philosophy in people’s daily lives. The Han Dynasty maintained political dominance and internal peace and prosperity in China for about four centuries.

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