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Obesity Papers and Essays

Buy a Persuasive Essay on Obesity

A persuasive essay on obesity offers a student the opportunity to demonstrate the seriousness of the medical condition in children and adults. The obesity research paper or essay should demonstrate how additional weight initiates a myriad of health problems in the affected person. The persuasive essay on obesity should analyze the role of dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, genetics, social factors and illness in cases of obesity. The persuasive essay on obesity should demonstrate that the energy-rich food available per person has increased significantly in most parts of the world from the 1970s. An A+ persuasive essay on obesity should evaluate the trends in calories per person and use the data to demonstrate the link between the consumption of energy-rich food and obesity. Persuasive research papers or essays on obesity should illustrate the changes in dietary habits to include significant portions of energy-rich foods, which have caused the increase in the average calories intake per person. For example, carbohydrates such as sweetened beverages and chips account for about 25 percent of the food energy per day in young Americans.

College Persuasive Essay on Obesity

Your persuasive essay on obesity should discuss the relationship between the decline in physically demanding tasks and rise in cases of obesity. The mechanization and automation of the day-to-day activities has led to insufficient exercise for more than 30 percent of the world population. Your persuasive essay on obesity should illustrate that the there has been an increase in the average number of sitting hours per person in the world. People spend most of their time sitting at the workplace and home. Your obesity research paper or essay should discuss the link between media exposure and increased risks of obesity, especially in children. An outstanding persuasive essay on obesity should present valid evidence to demonstrate the influence of genes that control appetite and metabolism on an individual’s risks of becoming obese. For example, your obesity research paper or essay should discuss the risk of obesity in individuals with the FTO gene.

University Persuasive Essay on obesity

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