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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Help

A comparative essay is a writing task in which a student analyzes two subjects, objects, texts, theories, figures, events and positions by pointing out their similarities and differences. Although an assignment may tell students to compare, it is always advisable that you provide both the similarities and differences of the subjects in consideration. The first step in writing a comparative essay is to determine the basis for comparison. Your instructor may provide the basis through an essay question, or request students to come up with their own theme for comparison. When picking the topic for your compare and contrast essay, choose subjects that are simple to compare. This strategy helps you to avoid the uphill task of demonstrating the similarities and differences between unrelated subjects. Furthermore, it increases your chances of getting a high grade. The second step is to develop a list of all the similarities and differences between the items under comparison. This step is crucial to the development of your writing plan. It gives you an idea of the key points to include in your compare and contrast essay. The third step is to develop a thesis statement for your essay. It is a good practice to base your thesis statement on the relative weight of the identified similarities and differences. From your list of the similarities and differences, determine whether the similarities outweigh the differences or vice versa. Your thesis statement should reflect this view.

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The fourth step is to decide the most appropriate structure for your comparative essay. The two approaches for writing a comparative essay are the alternating and block methods. When you use the alternating method, you should identify similar points relating to your subjects and alternate your discussion of the two subjects based on the related points. The alternating method is the most preferred approach in writing a compare and contrast essay. It allows students to juxtapose similarities and differences between subjects. Another advantage of the alternating method is that it allows students to produce comprehensive and tightly integrated compare and contrast essays. However, the alternating method is counterproductive if the subjects under consideration lack clearly related points. The other method of writing comparative essays is the block method. When you use the block method, discuss all the key points of subject A and then discuss subject B while comparing and contrasting it with subject A. Students should use this method if they cannot find closely related points between the subjects under consideration, or the ideas of one subject are an extension of the ideas of the other subject.

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