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The phenomenon of groupthink exists in group-based decisions due to the tendency, desire or pressure to conform to the opinions and inclinations of a group. While groupthink provides individuals with an alternative viewpoint, it prevents members of a group from critically evaluating various ideas and solutions relevant to a situation due to the desire for cohesiveness. Irving Janis, renowned groupthink theorists, describes five key features that influence the tendency of individuals to conform to a group. An analysis of several historical decisions illustrates the key characteristics of groupthink including close-mindedness and pressure toward conformity. Janis’ analysis of the phenomenon of groupthink illustrates that groupthink provide their members with a set of assumptions that often lead to faulty decision making. Evidence relating to historical events such as the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam War clearly highlights major decisions negatively influenced by the occurrence of groupthink. However, the success of group-decisions in events such as the Marshal Plan and Cuba Missile crisis illustrates that the occurrence of groupthink does not always lead to failure. The events relating to the Bay of Pigs highlights the influence of groupthink considering President Kennedy’s acceptance of the plan initiated by Eisenhower administration and the CIA. The Bay of Pigs manifested with minimal objection, which forced individuals previously opposed to the plan, such as Arthur Schlesinger, to conform to the plan. On the other hand, the formulation of the Marshall Plan and handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis succeed despite the influence of group decision-making. Although the groups involved in handling the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis largely remained unchanged, measure to change groupthink decisions led to the success of the negotiation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. While it is possible to manipulate a group towards successful decision-making, the influence of groupthink often leads to failure because of the inhibition of unbiased and critical evaluation of situations. Groupthink encourages its members to refrain from exploring other viewpoints and ideas.

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