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An effective essay plan and structure will answer the question “how can I improve my essay writing skills”. A brilliant essay paper must tell the readers what the writer intends to prove. The introduction of your essay paper should contain a thesis statement, which summarizes the writer’s argument or stance. Each key point in your essay paper should be in its paragraph to ensure clear and well-developed arguments. The final paragraph in your essay should summarize the main ideas and reinforce the writer’s point of view. The pre-writing phase helps to eliminate most of the hurdles that cause students to ask, “How can I improve my essay writing skills”. Pre-writing includes checking your understanding of the assignment instructions, seeking clarification from the teacher and requesting for notes, a rubric and sample papers to guide the writing process. While sample papers may not always be available, they offer crucial insights on the writing the teacher considers as good work. Sample essay papers are an excellent resource for students who need pre-written materials to guide them in solving the question “how can I improve my essay writing skills”.

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Students should only use pre-written sample papers as references. Copying someone else’s work results in plagiarism. Essay paper drafts offer an excellent approach to improve your essay writing skills. Writing an essay draft involves listing your thoughts about the essay topic. Essay drafts provide a framework to complete the actual writing process. You should consult the grading rubric when writing your essay draft to determine the teacher’s expectations, recommended textbooks and intended audience. The student should list as many thoughts as possible and group them accordingly to fit the essay topic. The organization of ideas into groups is crucial to solving the question, “how can I improve my essay writing skills”. You can group your ideas using criteria such as time sequence, social themes or effects on individuals and groups. For example, you can categorize your ideas according to their social, economic and political influences.

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