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IFP and CFA Code of Ethics

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Individuals and organizations operating within a professional scope adhere to diverse guidelines concerning the expected behavior. Although the code of ethics varies from one profession to another, its main purpose is to provide a framework that facilitates the depiction of preferred values. The main elements in the code of ethics of members of the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) and the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA) highlight the scope of ethics in different professions. IFP and CFA describe different rules and regulations aimed at promoting appropriate conduct and professionalism among members. IFP and CFA guidelines relate to matters of integrity, objectivity, competence, confidentiality and courtesy. The two institutions require their members to execute all professional duties without violating work protocol and the national law. In cases where there is conflict between professional conduct and the law, IFP and CFA recommends consultation before one takes any action. The two institutions recommend that any professional advice must contain high levels of honesty and transparency. Another key IFP and CFA code of ethics is the avoidance of personal or professional interests that might be detrimental to the attainment of institutional goals. IFP and CFA encourage their members to prioritize clients’ concerns and adopt measures that eliminate the development of conflict of interest. The Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) and the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA) attach a lot of importance to the maintenance and improvement of professional competency among their members. The two institutions discourage their members from engaging in tasks that require skills outside their level of competency. In case one decides to perform such tasks, he or she should seek assistance from practitioners qualified in the particular area. IFP and CFA emphasize confidentiality regarding the information its members acquire in the course of practice. The two institutions encourage their members to avoid the disclosure of confidential information unless under the consent of the client or because of legal demands. IFP and CFA discourage the use of clients’ information for personal gains and encourage their members to conduct themselves in a courteous and considerate manner when performing professional duties.
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