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Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance

The attainment of high levels of job satisfaction and employee performance requires a critical consideration of personal, professional and financial aspects of employees, which influence the level of productivity within an organization. The level of job satisfaction and employee performance depends on the prevailing working conditions, which include the remuneration levels, working conditions, management, relationship among workers, and opportunities for personal and professional development. Addressing employees’ needs is vital to addressing the problem of maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. Employers should ensure that they utilize the potential, creativity and talents of workers to boost the organization’s competitive advantage through increased output and quality improvement. Defining reasonable and relevant performance goals is one of the key strategies to facilitate the realization of high levels of job satisfaction and employee performance. Performance goals are a source of motivation for employees because the realization of the goals promotes a sense of achievement and pride. Managers can foster high levels of job satisfaction by harmonizing employees’ achievement in the personal and professional sense. The lack clearly defined terms and expectations on tasks encourage employees to direct their efforts to activities outside their scope of assignments. Appropriate performance goals highlight the importance of tasks, and eliminate the buildup of desperation and despair among employees due to the failure to meet deadlines, which may lead to the demoralization of staff and hamper productivity.

Providing opportunities for employees to advance their skills and careers greatly boosts job satisfaction and employee performance. The availability of opportunities for personal and professional development is a key source of motivation for employees. When employees enroll in programs aimed at increasing their chances of career advancement, they bring new skills to an organization and increase the talent and expertise within the organization. The remuneration levels within an organization have a considerable influence on job satisfaction and employee performance. Employees perceive the financial rewards from the employer to be a reflection of the employer’s appreciation of their input towards the realization of organizational goals. Employees who perceive their salary as not corresponding to their level of performance may suffer demoralization, which results to poor performance. Another strategy of enhancing job satisfaction and employee performance is to establish reliable feedback channels. Feedback channels enable employers and employees to discuss various concerns about work and the measures relevant to the improvement of employees’ morale. A framework that gives employees the freedom to express opinions concerning their job experiences and level of satisfaction promotes communication between supervisors and their subordinates.

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