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Preparation for Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is an art and science that necessitates education, continuous training and diverse experience. Acquisition of negotiation skills requires substantive understanding of the contract law and procedures of the contract. Skilled and experienced negotiators make a significant contribution to the performance of an organization. Early preparation enables the negotiator to obtain substantive knowledge on the contract expectation. The strategy helps to boost the negotiator’s confidence in the event of challenges during contract negotiation. The contract negotiation process adopted by an organization boosts competitiveness and trust from contracts issuers. Contract negotiation demands adequate time and effort regarding preparation in order to formulate a definitive and defensible negotiation position. Contract negotiation requires enhanced interpersonal skills and knowledge to enable the negotiator to build a robust rapport between the contractor and the negotiating panel. The skills facilitate the creation of a friendly, but business-like environment during contract negotiation. Effective communication allows the negotiator to present ideas and requirements of the organization in a precise and concise manner to the panel. The use of a minimum time to clarify the demands and expectation of an organization during contract negotiation gives the negotiator control over proceedings at all times and limits delays on secondary issues. A skillful negotiator tackles complex disputes that may arise during contract negotiation and has the capability to bring in issues that could benefit the organization. Contract negotiation demands keenness due to issues that may be missing in the contract specifications, which the negotiator should convince both parties to consider. An effective presentation of the demands of the organization in line with the expectation of the contractor during contract negotiation boosts the organization’s chances of winning a contract. A pleasant personality by the negotiator gives an organization an edge over rivals and boosts the overall performance of the organization.

Courtesy and flexibility ensures that the contract negotiation process is conducive to all the parties. A negotiator who portrays courtesy facilitates a peaceful and respectable discussion for the achievement of the negotiation objectives. Courtesy creates a win-win situation in contract negotiation because of the presence of individuals of different age and background in the negotiation panel. The use of appropriate language and communication techniques makes all the participants in contract negotiation to feel appreciated and respected. Flexibility during contract negotiation plays a significant role in addressing the varying arguments of the contractor and the negotiating team to reach a concrete and final agreement. The negotiator can deal with emerging issues in the discussion session skillfully and tactful in accordance with the relevance of the contract subject. At the same time, the negotiator can ingest any demands of the contractor or organization and manipulate those demands in a manner to suit both parties and align the possible differences. A well-informed and respectful negotiator improves the general rating and chances of consideration of an organization by a contractor. Initially, at the preparation for negotiation, knowledge enables the negotiator to gather facts about the contract subject to limit shock and misconceptions at the negotiation table. The negotiator helps to guide the panel on the critical issues that require careful detailing and handling during contract negotiation. Expansive knowledge on contract negotiation allows the negotiator to tackle issues that that arises during negotiation with confidence and certainty. The versatile information exhibited by the negotiator facilitates the identification of new issues, reflection on past discussions similar to the subject of interest and the solutions to difficulties that might arise. Early preparation is a valuable strategy in contract negotiation and allows the negotiator to respond effectively to the needs of parties involved in the negotiation process. A negotiator needs to identify and evaluate the organization’s objectives and interests, and diagnose the contractor’s expectations, needs and interests before the day of negotiation. Early preparation allows the negotiator to collect relevant data and facts about the contract specifications. The information provides a detailed background and supportive arguments that come in handy during contract negotiation. Access to the relevant knowledge allows the negotiator to evaluate the likely effects of macro and micro issues relating to the subject of discussion. Furthermore, the negotiator boosts the knowledge and skills in contract negotiation and can handle any eventualities during the negotiation process.

The contract negotiator assembles documents, information and other necessary materials with the assistance of the Board, stakeholders, lawyers and other professionals. The preparation process in contract negotiation allows the negotiator to prepare the negotiation team by training or coaching the members to meet the demands of the negotiation. The negotiator can brainstorm with team members to identify any shortcomings and create an effective group, which is well equipped with the knowledge for contract negotiation. The negotiator should enlighten the team members on the expectations of the contract negotiation and the need to portray a favorable image of the company. The negotiator should conclude the whole process with predictions of the likelihood of the outcome of contract negotiation at the end of the preparation process.

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