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White Hat and Black Hat Computer Hacking

Computer hacking is the art of identifying and exploiting the weaknesses in computer systems. The process of computer hacking may involve either a white hat hacker or black hat hacker whose respective activities thrive on good grounds or malicious intents. Ethical hackers exploit computer systems to identify weakness that information security administrators might not capture in implementing cyber security systems. The main purpose of white hat (ethical) computer hacking is to perform penetration testing, identify weaknesses such as open ports and recommend approaches to rectify the security flaws in a computer system. The main objective of black hat (illegal) computer hacking is to gain unauthorized entry into the target computer system and obtain confidential information such as passwords and details of financial transactions or install programs to interfere with the normal operation of a computer system. The main objectives of black hat hackers are personal gains such as monetary reward and prestige. The fact that white hackers have the same skills as black hat hackers increases the likelihood of individuals to engage in both ethical and unethical computer hacking.

The first step in computer hacking entails the identification of the objectives to gain unauthorized entry into a computer system. White hat hackers liaise with the owner of the targeted system and operate within the code of information security and computer ethics in analyzing the weaknesses in computer systems. Computer hacking requires individuals with above average intelligence considering the algorithms involved in overriding tight security measures put in place by organizations to protect confidential information. Experts in computer hacking have an expansive knowledge on diverse computer programming languages. The restrictions on access to super computers that can perform tasks such as data and password encryption in milliseconds has declined due to the inclusion of multi-core processors in most modern PCs. The enhancement in the processing capabilities of personal computers has encouraged individuals from all backgrounds to attempt unauthorized entry into computer systems.

The tendencies of white hat hackers to engage in the activities of black hat hackers have become a major source of controversy regarding the impacts of computer hacking in the world today. The integration of information systems in most day-today activities has significantly increased the risks associated with computer hacking. Proponents of the need for both white hat and black hat hackers argue that the presence of individuals who can identify flaws in computer systems ensures that manufacturers of computer systems maintain high standards and continuous improvement of their products. On the other hand, opponents of computer hacking argue that the adoption of stringent legal policies that prohibit any form of hacking would eliminate the necessity to invest in foolproof computer systems because there would be no threats regarding the compromise of confidential information.

Despite the harmful effects of computer hacking, the activity nurtures creativity and innovativeness that can be put into good use and create marvelous computer systems. Computer hacking provides individuals with an opportunity to manipulate computer hardware and software, and perform sophisticated functions that go beyond the vision of the legit system manufacture. Converting black hat hackers to white hat hackers will provide the society with excellent developers. The society should not ignore the input of computer hackers in the creation of robust computer systems.

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