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Write my Academic Paper

Writing an academic paper is a mandatory requirement at various stages of the learning process of a student. Before a student commences writing an academic paper, he or she must answer the question, “How should I write an academic paper”? Analyzing the various elements that constitute an academic paper is the first step in the writing process. The core elements of an academic paper include correct grammar, proper organization of various parts of the academic paper, and use of appropriate citation style. Proper understanding of the elements stated above and their incorporation in writing an academic paper is essential. An outstanding academic paper consists of appropriate aspects of grammar that boost the writer's expressiveness throughout the essay. Both ESL and ENL students must uphold high standards in all aspects of grammar if they intent to garner high marks on their essays and research papers. Teachers often check the ability of students to express themselves even before evaluating whether the students addressed the assigned topic of discussion in their academic papers. The quality of writing depends on the proper use of adjective clauses, phrase appositives and modified verbal phrases among other elements of writing. Ensuring synergy in all aspects of the grammar used to write an academic paper gives the teacher the perspective that the student was thorough in writing his or her assignment. Cultivating a positive perspective in the teacher who is marking your academic paper gives you an edge regarding obtaining high marks. The teacher becomes less inclined to identify other errors in the writing of an academic paper because of the perception that the student understands how to write an academic paper. On the other hand, academic papers constituting of numerous grammatical mistakes creates the notion that the student was careless in writing his essay or research paper. The use of poor grammar in writing an academic paper encourages the teacher to adopt the notion that the student is very unlikely to have followed the assignment instructions. In this regard, the teacher develops the inclination to identify other errors throughout the process of marking an academic paper.

Proper organization enhances clarity and transition between the paragraphs in an academic paper. A student who knows how to write an academic paper provides a framework upon which ideas develop. A properly organized academic paper helps to produce a piece of writing that the intended audience can understand. The traditional approach in writing an academic paper is the inclusion of an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction in an academic paper provides background information on the topic of discussion. Proper introduction in an academic paper helps to gain the reader’s attention and encourages him or her to read the rest of an academic paper. The body discusses the main ideas of a research topic as introduced in the thesis of an academic paper. Proper transition between paragraphs in the body in the body of an academic paper ensures a smooth flow for the reader. The targeted audience evaluates the student’s knowledge on how to write an academic paper depending on his or her ability to user proper transition techniques. The conclusion in an academic paper entails a summary of the main ideas discussed throughout the body. The conclusion can also include the discussion of other aspects relating to the topic of discussion, which the student did not discuss in his or her academic paper. Another key aspect for an outstanding academic paper is the use of citations to acknowledge other people’s ideas. A properly referenced academic paper constitutes of in-text citations and a reference page. Proper citation helps to student avoid plagiarism, which is an academic misdemeanor punishable by cancellation of assignment or in some extreme cases, expulsion from college. The teacher acknowledges that the student knows how to write an academic paper depending on his or ability to use appropriate APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, CBE and other citation styles. The reference page of an academic paper contains the list of books, journals, Web documents and other materials used in writing an academic paper.

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