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Write my Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a summary and an evaluation of the list of books, journals, websites and periodicals a student has used for researching a topic. The two main reasons for writing an annotated bibliography are to learn about a topic and help other researchers. Writing an annotated bibliography forces a student to read each source critically, and is an excellent way to find out the extent of the literature associated with a research. Annotated bibliography gives a student a good perspective on a research project because the student starts to identify issues and people’s arguments relating to the research at hand by responding to a variety of sources on a topic. An extensive annotated bibliography helps other researchers by providing a comprehensive overview of the information relating to a topic. Although the format of an annotated bibliography may vary in different disciplines, the common approach entails the creation of bibliographic information and the annotations. The bibliographic information includes the source’s title, author, publisher and date in either MLA or APA format. The annotations are the summary or evaluation of each source in paragraph form ranging from a couple of sentences to several pages depending on the purpose of the research project. The most appropriate way of writing an annotation is a general summary of the source followed by a discussion of how the work can fit into the student’s research project.

Human right to water Essay

Explain whether there should be a Universal Human Right to Water. Discuss the controversy arising from the failure by Australia’s diplomatic circles to ratify the United Nations General Assembly Right to Water declaration in July 2010. Analyze the importance of water to the survival of humans on the planet, and the moral implications of water management and control considering 7 billion thirsty humans and competing industrial needs

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