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The guruwritings.com acknowledges that like in any other business transaction, hiccups and honest disputes might arise and force the cancellation of an order. When you select guruwritings.com to write your college essay, you have the assurance of full-refunds on all disputed or cancelled orders. Furthermore, you can request another essay/term paper at no extra cost. The payment for the disputed order will cover the cost of the newly ordered essay/term paper. The amendment of completed essays/term papers is the other chief consideration when you decide to pay someone to write your college essay/term paper. When you buy an essay online, avoid using custom writing agencies, which do not guarantee free amendments on completed essays/papers. You know you are using a dishonest custom writing agency when you have to pay for amendments on essays/papers submitted as complete. The guruwritings.com does not charge anything to process amendment requests. Our free amendments policy means that guruwritings.com will revise your paper until it satisfies your instructions and descriptions. The other key consideration when selecting a custom writing agency to write you college essay is the availability of hourly or overnight deliveries on urgent essays/papers. Although most of the time instructors require students to submit assignments in days, there are situations whereby a student must submit his or her essay within hours. Submitting an essay/paper within hours is a challenging task for most students considering the time and work that goes into research, writing, formatting, referencing and proofreading. Using a custom writing agency, which offers hourly deliveries, such as guruwritings.com, gives the student many choices and eliminates worries related to same-day essays/term papers.

Slavery in the history of the United States in the 1800s

Analyze the significance of the issue of slavery in the history of the United States in the 1800s. Discuss the arguments used by Southerners to defend slavery and explain the ways slaves resisted their masters. Explain what happened to slaves during the Civil War and discuss whether slaves were an asset or liability to the war efforts by the Southerners. Discuss the problems slaves faced after becoming free and the actions by Congress to ensure freed slaves enjoyed the rights of American citizens.

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