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Write my Literature Review

A literature review is a presentation of an extensive research on published works in the field of interest with the aim of explaining how one’s research project corresponds to the available information on a topic. Writing a literature review is a challenging task for most students considering that it requires one to invest time researching, reading and managing the relevant information. A literature review differs from an annotated bibliography in that the former does not only summarize professional literature, but also includes a critical analysis of different works and their relationship to a research project. The introduction of a literature review should identify the topic or area of concern to allow proper contextualization of the literature under review. Some strategies for writing an appropriate introduction in a literature review include identifying the overall trends in the field of interest, methodologies, gaps in research and problems. The writer should present the point of view and criteria for the literature review including the organization of the reviews.

The body of a literature review should contain group research studies and works such as theoretical articles and case studies arranged chronological or in a topological manner according to factors such authors’ conclusions, dates, specific purpose and nature of study(qualitative versus quantitative). Summarizing the individual studies should incorporate the use of headings, umbrella sentences and explicit language to demonstrate the scope of particular studies. A literature review should contain arguments exemplifying the necessity of certain studies because it may not be obvious that an identified body of evidence is important to the advancement of knowledge in one’s field. The writer should discuss how other researchers have overlooked and misjudged an author’s work in previous studies to allow the use of the work in one’s research project. The conclusion of a literature review should contain a summary of the main contributions of the literature presented in the body. The writer should evaluate new perspectives of immediate interest, identify inconsistencies in theories and findings in the body of knowledge under review, and discuss issues related to future studies. The conclusion should include insights on the relationship between topics of literature review and the broad scope of the research topic

Reference groups and the use of sponsored ads by Facebook Essay

Explain how reference groups pertain to the use of sponsored ads by Facebook and analyze the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. Discuss the social responsibility perspective in terms of Facebook selling customer data to generate higher revenue. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the actions by Facebook from the perspective of the company and of the customers. Discuss Facebook advertising and evaluate the large companies using Facebook as an advertising method. Analyze the effectiveness of Facebook advertising for large organizations and the applicability of Facebook advertising for small businesses.

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